Someone once told me that normal people are simply people we don’t know very well. I’ve started to realize that consistently happy, extraordinary, and perfect people are too.

We each choose to display ourselves to society, to our friends and family in a way that ensures positive recognition. However, humanity presents us with moments of weakness, failure and regret, and to reveal those events is an action society has taught us to refrain from.

There is talk about the power of collecting data and how privacy as a result is dismal (e.g. in this really cool Harvard Business Review article)…

A brand identity crisis

By Riley Snelling

I was no Regina George. Didn’t set any fashion trends or throw any parties. I had my own group and I was happy. Yes, I could have changed who I was. I could have tried to be like them. But even then, I knew they wouldn’t stick around. I knew they would never be loyal.

Society pushes us to conform to norms. It’s a very large pillar in the structure of consumerism. And quite honestly, I’m fine with it. We are all humans; a creature with the natural desire to be accepted by the crowd.

Everyone just wants to be…

The Evolution of the Physical Realm

By Riley Snelling

If only we were Neanderthals, there would be no such thing as ‘digital’, there would be no internet or cell phones, there would be no theories or laws… the world would be a simpler place, and maybe a better one? Who knows.

One of the theories of evolution states that humans i.e. Sapiens out-lived other species, such as Neanderthals, because of our ability to communicate the intangible. Meaning that other species used communication to state what was physically in existence (e.g. a tree or lion), but we rose to the top because of our ability to create and communicate beyond…

Battling the depression that accompanies chronic illness

Photo by Riley Snelling on Flickr

I opened my eyes and blinked away spotted dots, revealing a banal blue sky. The kind you’d expect on a warm California summer day. As the sun beamed down, my fingers grazed the dirt of the ground beneath me. A horse stood across the arena, roaming free and riderless. There was an evident soreness trickling through my neck and a familiar fogginess filling up my head. Damn it, I thought.

In the summer of 2019 I was bucked off a horse, sent flying over her head and landed on mine. I acquired a mild traumatic brain and neck injury. It…

How my brain injury prepared me for this pandemic

Note: Originally published April 2020.

There are times in our lives where quite frankly, things are shit. And we may wonder, why is this happening to me? In light of recent events, I’ve come to realize that those down times happen for a reason. Sometimes that reason is clear immediately, and sometimes it takes months or years to come into fruition.

To the unbeknown of many, for the past year I’ve been social distancing and in a semi-quarantine for reasons completely unrelated to Covid-19. Last summer I was bucked off a horse, went flying over her head, landed on mine…

From offices and residential homes, to retail spaces and fulfillment centers.

Photos by Riley Snelling

In the past few years the demand for office space increased, with technology companies holding 22% of that activity. Residential demand continued to boom in cities as more and more people moved to urban areas. Traditional retail brands struggled as digitally native brands expanded their store footprint. And fulfillment centers started popping up all over the country, albeit not quite as fast as they are now.

Since this pandemic has started we’ve seen a massive shift in the demand for physical space. …

Looking at the Big Picture

By Mike P. Scott

There was a time when my most important investment decision was whether to spend my $20 allowance on the latest Sims game or save it for a larger future purchase of an mp3 player. I had to think about what was more valuable to me. Ignorant of the reality of the smartest decision — saving it for the long-term — I made a decision based on immediate gratification. As we get older, and on a day-to-day basis, what we value evolves due to the ever-growing knowledge we acquire. The tunnel view of what life encompasses is stretched out by the…

By Naoya Fujii

There was a large Christmas tree full of color and light, racks of beautiful dresses, makeup being applied amongst a sea of color and mirrors, and… oh the shoes. I was mesmerized by the bustling activity and friendly strangers delivering shoe after shoe for my mother to try-on. It was the early 2000s in Hong Kong during the holiday season at Lane Crawford. If someone had told me that my fascination with stores and retail would continue to today, I quite honestly would probably have believed them. But, a lot has changed since then. …

Technology is magnificent. It has done wonders to reduce our costs and create impeccable customer experiences. What it lacks, however, is the one thing that we can so easily provide — human interaction.

Traditionally, retailers create a product or a service and sell it through a certain channel of distribution. The ‘what’ has to be great and the ‘where’ has to be convenient.

Today, the ‘what’ and the ‘where’ are one of the same — the product, service, and channel are all part of an equal experience. …

A retail fairytale

By Riley Snelling

As a child, reality and fantasy were one of the same… or at least I dreamt of them that way.

Despite the fact that we all grew up differently, every child can bond over a fairytale. Even more so when that fairytale comes to life. Hence why the infamous Disneyworld is such a successfully magical place.

We grew up watching Disney shows with all our favourite characters — Whinnie-the-Pooh, Goofy, Chip ’n’ Dale, Little Mermaid, Peter Pan — whomever they might have been, we all had dreams of them coming to life.

The thought of one place where all of…

Brin S.

Business strategy, physical health and mental health. An ambitious 20-something, in recovery from a brain injury and looking to make an impact in healthcare.

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